Design a high impact, visible service that sustainably connects disadvantaged young people in Waltham Forest to valuable opportunities.


Waltham Forest Council

What we did

In collaboration with Polar Insight, we worked alongside the Policy and Service Design teams within the council as they deliver on key recommendations laid out in last year’s Life Chances Commission.

For a number of months, we worked with Waltham Forest Council to make this service a reality, by employing our experimental but rigorous approach which encompasses user research, concept design and prototyping of the service.


From one-week ideation sprints to more lengthy research and vision pieces, we facilitated cross-department collaboration and stakeholder engagement to drive digital innovation.

Not only did we helped shape the vision, we also defined the roadmap to successful implementation and broke it down into manageable milestones.

As we explored personal and friendly ways to help young people get access to opportunities, we investigated the use of conversational interfaces. Working in rapid sprints we validated and refined the proposition.

Using high-fidelity prototyping tools and coded prototypes, we brought ideas to life to bridge the gap between concept and young citizens.

Our process is based on real feedback and provides clarity for stakeholder teams to plan next steps.