Award winning industrial design studio Morramaasked COMUZI to contribute towards designing a phone for a better future.

In a world that is rapidly changing, our goal was to instill a sense of balance in the way people today engage with their smartphone.



What we did

Working with Morrama, we invited them into our experimental but rigorous process.

We kicked off our collaboration by clearly defining our goals, as we looked to achieve positive human interactions with the smartphone concepts.

Our next step were to identify key personas of who our smartphone concepts are really made for.

We wanted to create and define a new relationship with the mobile phone, one which was empowering instead of all-consuming.

We wanted to achieve the balance of empowerment and aesthetic, we developed a critique of the current norms within mobile; challenging a phones size vs its function, how modes are no longer binary, loud or silent and we explored how the future of data connection could augment the mobile experience.


Through our collaborative effort, the smartphone concepts carries the sensibility that minimalism isn’t the answer to our current mobile woes.

But, through designing for agency, not only in software but also in the way we physically interact with the device, we can positively augment the relationships we have with our mobile phones.

This sensibility has helped Morrama further develop this project and the smartphones concepts have now been featured in FastCompany, Dezeen and LS:N Global a Division of the Future Laboratory.