To prepare for their first issue, Visions of Home, Visions Magazine challenged COMUZI to write a short story to create a non-traditional image of the future, 2030, which revolved around the home.


Visions Magazine

What we did

Telling stories of the future tend to apply to the aesthetic concerns of the intellectual northern European middle classes, after reviewing historic stories of future we decided to base our personas on real people.

We told the stories of an exchange student, a young woman working in tech, and a teenager and their dad. These personas were based on real individuals recounting stories from different times of their lives.

We took story points from their real experiences, keeping in enough truth to keep our story rooted in reality.

We were inspired by the mess of getting a sim card when you first land in a new country, the fact that one friend always forgets their ID and by the fact that some songs are now a classic of a classic – ‘Touch the Sky’ by Kanye West.

Using a Future Voroscope to project our imagined reality. We created a subtle future as we wanted to show how the future creeps on us.

We wanted to show the audience, how the technology we use everyday looks to deepen its relationship with us and become ubiquitous, be that good or bad.

We wanted to make our story believable and so alongside rooting our narrative in real stories, we rooted our technology advances in what was already progressing around us.

We described 5G in the city, our evolved relationships with personal intelligent assistants, and how brands will continue to use technology to build their relationships through digitally enabled experiences.

Creating a literary portrait as a way to weave individual narratives together in one piece, we presented a detailed image on what life in 2030 could potentially look like in relation to technology for someone who might just look just like you.


Visions Magazine successfully published its first issue, Future of Home featuring our image of 2030.

A 5000 word literary portrait, which doesn’t describe an implausible future, but something closer to home, more regular, a bit mundane, but something you know is happening somewhere.

For this brief we worked to create A Mundane Future. You can order your copy here.