COMUZI was asked by creative management consultancy B+A to assist in the delivery of Samsung's #NotASchool, a week long creative education programme ran in the month of October 2019.


Samsung KX & B+A

What we did

COMUZI delivered a number of creative workshops which focused on circular design and sustainability, inclusive design and on humanising technology using our co-creation framework.

The young people used Samsung technology and materials to ideate & prototype future services that could be implemented to empower society’s marginalised groups.

For example: COMUZI worked with the young people to articulate a message around the topic of sustainability.

After a group discussion - phone, tablet and TV packaging was reused to make protest placards to convey thoughts and feelings.

Another example of work produced in our workshops was a digital social club to overcome digital exclusion in senior communities.

The young people produced a concept to invite senior audiences to participate in group actions around digital literacy.


The workshops were well received by the young people. We hope that the skills they have learnt from our workshops will be ones that they use in their individual future journeys.

We are grateful for B+A involving COMUZI in this amazing and unique educational programme by Samsung.