A friend of the studio, Caroline Sinders asked Alex the Head of Making at the studio to help out in bringing to life 'CAre B0t' for her web residencies at Solitude and ZKM on the topic of 'Engineering Care'


Caroline Sinders

What we did

For the past 8 years, Caroline has been studying online harassment, she has explored how digital social networks are designed and often allow for harassment, what support exists for victims and how law and policy interpret harassment.

Caroline's vision was to create a chat-bot designed to respond to questions and care for a victim of online harassment, while also providing a series of open source best practices, guides, and what to do when facing a variety of online harassment.

The CAre B0t is an artistic intervention bot. The bot isn’t designed to be used in place of a therapist or a security expert.

The CAre B0t is an artistic intervention showing exactly how painful and uncaring the policies and procedures are for victims when reporting harassment and mitigating harassment.

Caroline had the vision, Alex simply just brought her vision to life.


The CAre B0t was launched to a great reception.

Read more about the project here and here.

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