For Ada Lovelace Day on 8 October 2019, the Ada Lovelace Institute (ALI) commissioned COMUZI to create the A.D.A. (the Algorithms, Data and AI) Bot as an engagement tool to raise awareness of the Institute and its work.


Ada Lovelace Institute

What we did

As the Ada Lovelace Institute is a fairly new organisation, the challenge was on how to build something engaging, while ensuring the serious work the institute conducts is communicated clearly through the A.D.A bot experience.

At kick off, we conducted a framing session to understand the institute's goals with bringing something such as A.D.A. to life.

Leaning on characteristics of the world's first computer programmer Ada Lovelace herself, we decided the A.D.A. experience should be both bold and imaginative.

Our second step was all about engaging in rapid ideation exercises, exploring possible personalities for A.D.A. and the different scenarios that humans may engage with it.

The ideas for A.D.A.'s conversation design pathways focused a number of key themes and characteristics such as:

• Women leadership + conversational maze + adventurer

• Conversational maze + future tech consequences + adventurer

• Ethics & values + different perspectives + future tech consequences


The A.D.A. bot was launched on Ada Lovelace day to a great reception.

At COMUZI, our tangibles for success on client projects is rarely ever judged by metrics, however with the A.D.A. bot based on the metric data, we achieved the goal of creating a experience that could aid the Ada Lovelace Institute in connecting to a wider audience.

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