Work with artist collective Digital&Dead on an interactive experience that explores the issues intersecting online culture, digital legacy and death for [ space ] art + tech’s Future Human Residency which is all about artificial intelligence and humanity, posing questions about what it means to be human and a citizen in the digital age.


Space Art + Tech & Digital&Dead

What we did

During the Future Human residency, Digital&Dead researched technologies related to preservation of the self (post-mortem) with the eventual aim of developing comprehensive, editioned versions of the artists that will live on after their deaths: versions able to learn, converse with one another (and their subsequent owners) and grow after their bodies have expired.

Creating space for discussion about the intersection between technology and death is an integral part of the Digital&Dead project.

As part of their research process, and a larger inquiry into the ethical/theoretical/practical problems of digital life-extension through AI, we worked with Digital&Dead to build a ChatBot that shares personal stories and collects thoughts and experiences from users.


The DeathBotBeta is an ongoing project which was launched at the Future Human Residency Exhibition in London.

The DeathBotBeta is collecting thoughts and experiences from users with the goal of turning this into a much bigger project over a period of time.

To have a conversation with DeathBotBeta – try it out.